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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

http://astrology-and- beyond.com/ is developed by Astrology and Beyond, a Simplified

Closely Held Corporation based at 71 blvd. Hristo Botev, Sofia, Bulgaria, telephone (359) 878350399.

1- Acceptance of our Terms and Conditions of Use

Please carefully read our Terms and Conditions before using our Website. The present Terms

and Conditions rule the practical details of Astrology and Beyond Website.

The Internet surfer must be over the age of 18 and is referred to

in our Terms and Conditions as the "User"or "Member".

The only fact that the user enters our website constitutes a full acceptance by the user of the

general terms in their entirety.

2. Description of "Astrology and beyond"; Services http://astrology-and-beyond.com is an Internet website dedicated to astrology (the "Website").

Through the global Internet and, as the case arises, through electronic mails, Astrology and

Beyond provides its Users with a number of free services related to astrology.

Astrology and Beyond.com provides its Users with free horoscope services. On the other

hand, it provides its subscribers with paying "Services".

3. Connection

To enter the Website and to use its Services, the User must have an access to the Internet,

either directly or through devices enabling an access to Internet content. The cost of telephone

communications connecting to the Internet network, as well as to the Website, will be borne

exclusively by the User. In addition, the User must have all the required equipment to connect

to the Internet network, especially a computer and a modem or any other connecting device

and, as the case arises, a login and an electronic address.

4. Registration with Astrology and Beyond "Personalized Services"

To access our Paid Services, the User must register in order to become a Member and fill out

the form provided in the relevant pages of the Website.

In order to enable Astrology and Beyond to offer efficient and personalized services to the

User, the latter formally agrees (1) to give personal, updated, comprehensive and accurate

information, according to Astrology and Beyond's requests and (2) should the case arise, to

update them using the pages provided.

All pieces of information requested and their updates are considered and thereafter referred to

as "Registration Data". Once he/she has registered, the Member must choose a password.

The Member formally agrees that he/she must keep the password strictly confidential and that

he/she remains solely responsible for the utilization of the password.

The Member can change his password at any time with the instructions provided by Astrology

and Beyond. The Member can also create a new account, if he so wishes.

5. Termination

Astrology and Beyond has the right to immediately cancel any Member's account and to

permanently deny any User access to its Services in the following cases: - The Member

provided false information when he registered - The User interfered with other Users of

Astrology and Beyond's Services - The User violated the present Terms and Conditions.

Astrology and Beyond can also cancel a Member's account if it has been inactive for longer

than ninety (90) consecutive working days. 

6. Personal Data. Processing of Personal Information

Astrology and Beyond is allowed to collect personal data provided by Users when they

register as Members or when they use the Website's services.

The User authorizes Astrology and Beyond to set up, retain and update a database which

includes personal information provided by the User.

In accordance with the provisions of the Protection of Classified Information Act of Bulgaria

concerning informatics, database and liberty, the User is entitled to access, to oppose and to

amend the personal data he provided in order to use the Website's Services. Therefore, the

User can demand that these personal data be communicated to him, that they be deleted or

that any inaccurate, incomplete or ambiguous information related to him be modified,

completed, clarified, updated or deleted.

For any further information regarding the setting up, the conservation, updating and use of

data, the User can contact Astrology and Beyond and exercise his rights to access, modify

and/or oppose by mail at the following address: Astrology and Beyond, Subscribers Service,

71 blvd. Hristo Botev, Sofia, Bulgaria.

In order to enable Astrology and Beyond to provide its Users with a high-quality service that

meets the User's needs, the User formally accepts that Astrology and Beyond's employees be

authorized to access his accounts and his Registration Data on a case-by- case basis with a

view to investigating any claim, allegation or other abuse. However, the User can also oppose,

in accordance with the provisions of the Protection of Classified Information Act of Bulgaria.

Astrology and Beyond will never sell information collected from its Users.

Cookies allow to gather information concerning each User's browsing, without specifically

identifying him though. In case the User does not want to be identified by a cookie he/she can

disable these for their browser. In that case, each time he wants to access his Astrology and

Beyond Paid Services, he will need to key in his Login and Password.

If the User chooses not to accept cookies in his browser, the User will not have access to our

Services in their entirety, since registration is needed prior to their utilization.

Astrology and Beyond is not responsible for commercial practices implemented by other sites

to which Users may have access through hyperlinks, logos, buttons etc. displayed on the


7. The User's Duties

The right to use our Services is granted to the User on a personal basis.

The User will not sell or make a commercial use of our Services without prior written

authorization by Astrology and Beyond. The utilization of our Services is subjected to and

ruled by Bulgarian laws and legislation.

The User is responsible for all the uses of his account, regardless of the fact that he has or has

not expressly authorized them.

The User must immediately inform Astrology and Beyond in writing of any fraudulent use of

his account or in case of account violation, as soon as he is aware of it. In case of fraudulent

use of account, Astrology and Beyond has the right to suspend or to terminate the Member's

personal account and to deny the Member immediate and future access to part of or all the


The User acknowledges and accepts to bear alone the entire responsibility of the contents of

his transmissions throughout the Website.

The User promises that he will not use the Website and its Services for illegal purposes and

that he will not issue messages prejudicial to the public order and moral standards, libellous

remarks and elements detrimental to other people's privacy; he will not issue messages, pieces

of information that might harm in any possible way Astrology and Beyond's rights and/or

those of a third party, and in particular, he will not damage Astrology and Beyond's property

rights and/or those of a third person; he will inform Astrology and Beyond of any violation

which the User is aware of; he will not access nor attempt to access through illegal ways other

networks or computer systems linked to the Website; he will not interfere in the use of our

Services by other Users; he will not use the Website to transmit viruses, Trojans or any other

harmful programmes.

8. Guarantees

The User accepts and understands that the Services are provided as is. Astrology and Beyond

cannot be held responsible for the duration, the deletion, the wrong delivery or the non-

recording of a User's communication.

The utilization of the Services is at the risks of the sole User who is solely responsible for any

damage done to his computer or the loss of data that might result from downloading the


Astrology and Beyond gives no guarantee of any kind, be it expressly or implicitly, including,

but not limited to, declarations and results that may be obtained through the Services.

9. Limitations of Responsibility

Astrology and Beyond is not responsible for direct or indirect damages of any nature,

including any kind of loss of profit, but not limited to the following list, ensued from:

9.1 Astrology and Beyond is not responsible for direct or indirect damages of any nature,

including any kind of loss of profit, but not limited to the following list, ensued from:

9.1.1 the use or the impossibility of using the Services,

9.1.2 any kind of goods or services purchased or obtained through the Website, or any

messages received, or any dealings made and concluded through Astrology and Beyond


9.1.3 the loss due to a non-authorized access or the alteration of transmissions or data of an

Internet surfer, or

9.1.4 the cost generated by substituted goods or services supplied, and this, even though

Astrology and Beyond has been warned of the possibility of such damages;

9.2 In case of any contentious or erroneous information on the website pages of

www.astrology-and-beyond.com: should you think that an information may be detrimental to

the reputation of a person or a group of persons, or that it seems wrong or contentious to you,

please do not hesitate to let us know by e-mail, and we will immediately withdraw the said

information upon your request. The whole amount of information is hereby released in good

faith and in line with the normal practice of any Astrology website: interpretation of

astrological themes, information read in the media such as the birth dates of people leading a

public life, articles already published on the internet, etc. With the vocation of being a website

of counsel and assistance, not a controversial website, Astrology and Beyond would like to

avoid any harm to the honour of an individual or a corporate body.

9.3 Photograph Copyright: all astrological services involving well-known persons or

celebrities are entirely free: we will IMMEDIATELY remove a photo JUST AT THE

REQUEST of its author. These services are free, so we do not wish to buy any photographs.

We would appreciate your understanding. Should any difficulty prevent us from continuing to

release photos of celebrities, we will then make do with releasing astrological information and

charts of them, which is quite a penalty to all the Users of this website.

10. Indemnification.

The User undertakes to guarantee Astrology and Beyond against any damage, complaint or

request (including, but not limited to this list, all lawyers and counsels; fees) from a third party

due to the dispatch, release or transmission of the Content of this Website, the use of its

Services, the violation of the present Terms and Conditions or the rights of other people

11. Astrology and Beyond's Proprietary Rights.

The User acknowledges and accepts that the Content, which includes, but is not limited to

texts, software, music, sounds, photographs, videos, drawings or any other materials

contained in the advertisements sponsored or released through electronic mail, commercial

information produced and presented by Astrology and Beyond, its suppliers or advertisers, are

protected by the Bulgarian intellectual property rights, the trademark right, the licence right or

any other right acknowledged by the enforced law. The User is not allowed to copy, use,

reproduce, distribute or create derivative works from the Content without obtaining the formal

agreement of Astrology and Beyond, its suppliers or advertisers.

12. Duration of the Terms and Conditions

The Terms and Conditions are effective from the acceptance by the User and will continue for

an indeterminate period, except in the case of termination as stipulated under Article 7 of the

Terms and Conditions.

13. Modification of the Services and/or the Terms and Conditions

At any moment, Astrology and Beyond has the right to modify, to interrupt, temporarily of

permanently, all or parts of the Services and it will inform the User accordingly. Astrology

and Beyond cannot be held responsible the User, or whoever, for any modification,

suspension or interruption of its Services.

At any moment, Astrology and Beyond has the right to amend the provisions of the Terms

and Conditions.

In case of contradiction between the provisions of the Terms and Conditions and any

amendment that would be made to them, particularly with a view to abiding by the national

laws and regulations in force, the amendments shall prevail.

14. Notification

All notifications must be made in writing and sent by mail at the following address: Astrology

and Beyond, Subscribers Service,

71 blvd. Hristo Botev, Sofia, Bulgaria, telephone (359) 878350399.

15. Miscellaneous

The present Terms and Conditions constitute the entire agreement made between Astrology

and Beyond and the User regarding the use of Services and replace any previous agreement

that might have been reached between the User and Astrology and Beyond.

16. Applicable Law and Competent Jurisdiction

These Terms and Conditions are governed by Bulgarian laws. Should any dispute arise from

the present Terms and Conditions, except in the case of disputes with

persons who are not merchants and for whom the rules of legal competence apply.

Седмичните Хороскопи на Венета


Предстои ви седмица с много възможности и шансове за реализация, ако в дните сряда и четвъртък бъдете търпеливи и последователни в действията си. Родените в първа декада ще се радват на отлични взаимоотношения в личен и професионален план. В дните понеделник и вторник очаквайте добри новини и приятни любовни изживявания. Първите два дни са подходящи за реализиране на нови срещи и създаване на полезни контакти. В петък и през почивните дни ще се чувствате щастливи, удовлетворени и успешни в това, което правите. Дните са подходящи за пътувания и срещи с приятели.


Очаква ви красива и уютна нова седмица. Дните понеделник и вторник ще ви зарадват с положителни новини, които ще ви предоставят нови възможности и шансове за успех. Сряда, четвъртък и петък преди обяд е времето, в което ще жънете успехите си с късмет и лекота. Дните са подходящи за усърдна работа, поставяне на нови цели и успешно завършване на настоящите задачи. Не си позволявайте да пропилявате тези дни и да оставяте важна работа за петък. Този ден не е подходящ за активни действия. Позволете си почивка и повече забавления през него и в почивните дни.


За вас тази седмица ще бъде малко по-сложна и изискваща търпение и последователни действия. Не залагайте големи надежди на дните понеделник и вторник. Използвайте тези дни да подредите делата си, да бъдете по-скоро наблюдателни и анализиращи случващото се. Сряда, четвъртък и петък ще изискат от вас сериозност, мотивация и усърдна работа. През тези дни ще трябва да проявите отговорност и повече концентрация. Ако спазвате тези изисквания в петък ще се радвате на добри резултати и уважение от колеги и шефове. Очакват ви разкошни почивни дни!


Тази седмица не очаквайте чудеса и бърз напредък на делата си. Дните понеделник и вторник са подходящи за създаване на планове и иницииране на нови срещи и контакти, които ще се радват на повече успех през следващата седмица. Сряда, четвъртък и петък до обяд не се ангажирайте с дела, които нямате ресурса и времето да свършите перфектно. Дните ще изискат от вас работа с текуща работа и задачи. Родените в първа декада трябва да бъдат търпеливи към партньорите си. Седмицата не е подходяща за уреждане на лични отношения. Представителите на втора декада могат да очакват провалени срещи или пътувания.


Очаква ви сравнително спокойна, ползотворна и една по-топла в емоционален план седмица. Не оставяйте важни ангажименти и работа за петък. В този ден няма да е подходящо да бъдете активни на работното място. Заложете на предходните работни дни от седмицата, ако искате в края на работната седмица да се радвате на реализирани планове и подкрепа от шефове и партньори. Най-успешни за вас са дните понеделник и вторник. Родените в първа декада ще се радват на любов, разбирателство, малки подаръци и успешни срещи.


Ще се радвате на успешна седмица, ако се съобразите с енергията на първите два дни от работната седмица. Понеделник и вторник не поемайте излишни ангажименти на работното си място и не изисквайте невъзможното от колеги и партньори. Бъдете търпеливи и се въздържайте от крайни изказвания. Сряда и четвъртък са подходящи дни да реализирате плановете си. Бъдете организирани и последователни за да се радвате на успех и висока оценка от шефовете. В тези дни не се колебайте да си поставяте нови цели и да изисквате от себе си усъвършенстване и развитие.


Тази седмица ще изиска от вас да бъдете по-търпеливи, умерени в действията си и спокойни. Времето ще е подходящо за анализ на делата ви от началото на година, подреждане на предстоящите задачи и за повече мисли отколкото действия. Родените в първа декада съветвам да избягват уреждане на лични отношения. В дните сряда и четвъртък избягвайте водене на важни срещи и не взимайте кардинални решения. Въпреки сложната седмица времето от петък на обяд и в почивните дни ще ви донесе добро настроение, лекота и спокойствие. Родените във втора декада трябва да се пазят от преумора и настинки.


Новата седмица ще ви предложи повече позитивно настроение, слънчеви дни и късмет. Работната ви седмица ще бъде успешна и спокойна, ако спазвате плановете си и не си позволявате да отлагате задачи за петък. Петъкът не е подходящ за активни действия. Във всички останали дни можете да планувате и действате с лекота и късмет. Родените в първа декада съветвам да бъдат последователни в действията си и да си позволяват повече почивка. Седмицата за тях не е подходяща да поемат допълнителни ангажименти. В личен план ви очакват добри новини и споделени чувства.

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