Astrology is a science that studies the interaction between the Sun, the Moon and the other planets, their impact on human life and the causes of events happening on Earth.

The astrologer sees these aspects and analyzes them.Why do we need an individual horoscope?General predictions based solely on the zodiac sign and a specific moment use about 1% of the capabilities of the science of astrology. For this reason, they cannot be absolutely accurate and true to a particular person.In case you want to learn exactly what the stars have predetermined for you and how they continue to affect your life, you should consult an astrologer who will make your personal horoscope, taking into account the location and interaction between celestial bodies in accordance with the moment and the place of your birth.Prices for Drawing a Horoscope

Full Horoscope - (Duration 2 hours)

(Natal Card Calculation, Synastry, Transits, Progressions, Annual Horoscope, Medical Astrology, Karmic Conditioning, Astropsychology, Business Astrology, Mundane Astrology, Date Calculation)

Short version - (Duration 1 hour)

(Natal Card Calculation, Transits, Medical Astrology)Synastry (Relationship Astrology) - (Duration 1 point)

Annual Horoscope - (Duration 1 hour)

Calculate Date for:

Birth of a Child - (Duration 30 minutes)

Wedding - (Duration 30 minutes)

Starting a Business - (Duration 30 minutes)

Operation - (Duration 30 minutes)

Karmic Astrology (Vedic and Kabbalah) - (Duration 30 min.)

Medical Astrology - (Duration 30 min.)

Mundane Astrology - (Duration 30 min.)

Business Astrology (Synastry Teams) - (Duration 1 point)

Long Term Events (Progressions, Saturn and Uranus Return) - (Duration 1 a.h.)


(Natal) astrology

It studies the character and destiny of man. The astrological natal chart (birth horoscope) is built according to the day, time and place of birth and is absolutely unique for each individual. It provides information about the character, talents, qualities, weaknesses, health, finances, family, professional realization, social status. It draws the main events in a person's life, the problems he will face, the opportunities for personal and spiritual growth.

In order to prepare a birth chart, you need to know the date and place of birth, as well as the exact time of birth. The birth chart is actually a star seal at the moment of our birth and taking our first breath. This is our star mandala that we have chosen for this life. This is the message of the stars and the path they have drawn for us to develop and grow.

The birth chart is valid for life. This is not a momentary state, but a process of construction and development, a given with which we must unite. We have to work with the most difficult aspects in order to overcome the matter and rise above it. The stars do not command us, they give us a chance to use their strengths and weaknesses and take the best, most valuable and maximum of life.

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Solar Revolution (Annual Horoscope)

When you have already made a birth horoscope, an annual forecast can be made for you every year. The annual horoscope starts working around your birthday this year and lasts until next year. It shows the highlights of the year, the attitude of the world towards you and vice versa. It gives you an advantage to prepare for important events or to get up and find better times for difficult moments in life. Some astrologers believe that the trends for the year can be felt up to 3 months before the birthday and suggest making an earlier annual horoscope if you have important issues to address. The solar revolution provides the opportunity to change the annual ascendant by traveling to various destinations around the world in order to move the ascendant and fix its ruler and planets in certain homes. In this way you can avoid unpleasant situations and strengthen certain situations in the coming year such as: Finance, Health, Relationships, Performance, etc. This is possible thanks to the time zones and the given degrees. This technique has proven effective and many Western astrologers use it to help their clients in certain endeavors.


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Long-term forecast - Saturn revolution

This is a horoscope with a long-term forecast. It is made at the moment when the planet Saturn returns to the place where it is in the birth chart. This happens at periods of about 28 years. In human life, 2 to 3 can happen, if said 4 such moments - the first to about 28-29 years, the second about 56-57 years, the third - after another 28 years, etc. In fact, these are stages of human life - youth, maturity, old age and finally a state called outside the norms and time. With this forecast you can bet on a long period of time and work in the direction drawn by the stars. Each of them has its own characteristics, which should not be overlooked. The Saturn Revolution is for people with clear thoughts, liberated consciousness, broad views and long-term plans for life!


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Prognostic astrology

It studies the influence of the stars on a person's natal chart at a certain period of his life. Allows you to make predictions for upcoming events. The periods you work with are usually day, month, three months, year and long. The main methods used are transits, solar revolution, progressions and directorates.

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Relationship Astrology (Synastry)

A technique that allows you to study the relationship between two or more people. These can be husband and wife, parent and child, boss and subordinate, friends, lovers, etc. The birth astrological charts of the partners are superimposed on each other and the interactions between their Suns, Moons and planets are studied. Horoscopes of the two are made and their closeness, similarity, insurmountable or insurmountable differences are considered through two more cards. A complete synastry analysis prepared by a professional astrologer can help solve or prevent many of the problems that arise in human relationships. Synastry is for people who are going through difficult moments in their relationship with the other or are preparing to live with the love of their lives, but have questions to which they do not find a meaningful answer.

Karmic (Vedic) astrology

It examines the causes that led to the existence of certain problems or conditions in the present moment of human life (by the word karma we mean the law of cause and effect; it literally means action). This part of astrology studies the deeper layers of human existence. It can provide guidance on the path of evolutionary growth, to reveal the spiritual possibilities of man and the karmic tasks and connections that he must solve in the present rebirth.


Business astrology

It allows to answer many of the main questions related to the development of a company. When and where to register the company, when is the best time to sign contracts, to take a loan. Business astrology examines the life cycle of a company and synchronizes it with the global cycles of economic activity in the market. It can also give excellent results in the selection of staff and in the creation of working and cohesive teams.


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Mundane (world) astrology

Observes and studies the processes that take place in the state (government, head of state, elections, parties, finance, army, police, people, etc.). making peace, granting loans. It can also show where at a given point on the world map, we could realize an aspect of our map, be it related to business, education, health, love or place of residence.


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It is a combination of astrological methods with the technique of psychological analysis. In the process of counseling, the astropsychologist helps the person to find himself, to solve the problems in his personal life, to get rid of the complexes, to develop his potential. Astropsychology is like a mirror in which everyone can look around and objectively see their strengths and weaknesses and correct what they do not like in themselves.


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Medical astrology

In the birth astrological chart you can see all the weak points, organs and systems in the human body. This makes it possible to diagnose diseases in a timely manner and to take preventive measures to avoid complications. Thanks to medical astrology, the best form of treatment can be found, as well as the most appropriate time for surgery. Hippocrates also said that one who does not know astrology has no right to engage in healing!